The 10 best albums of 2023, according to Gus. Here, at Real Rebel Radio, we only have one guiding principle: we only talk about the music we enjoy. For a long time, I asked myself why we have this policy, especially when I see how successful the ‘worst of’ lists are every single year. Why [...]
I still remember what someone told me in 2006: “MACHINE HEAD are done, they have self-sabotaged since “The Burning Red”” Two years later, I thought about him again... “The Blackening” was a tour de force. No more, no less. The best thrash record of the 2000s, it is that simple. However, the ones in the [...]
CANDLEMASS is a name that still resonates through the darkerst nights. One of the few bands who managed to channel the quintessence of Doom. When Messiah Marcollin left the band, following another episode of his huge soap opera, the true bandleader, bassist Leif Edling, announced his replacement as none other than Robert Lowe from SOLITUDE [...]
The trve cult record... Beyond that: the myth, the legend, the untouchable one. The holy of holies, the thing that no one dares even criticize in fear of being trampled to death by hordes of uncontrollable fans. However, let us say it right away; “Reign In Blood” is annoying. Yes, annoying, and I do not [...]
Sex, noise and fun. Oh yeah, beer as well. Those are the ingredients of a successful hard rock concert/festival/party (delete as appropriate). Because, as it turns out, hard rock fans are not a difficult crowd to satisfy. However, TURBONEGRO is above all that. TURBONEGRO is refined, delicate and subtle. The sensitiveness showed on “Ass Cobra” [...]
The 10 best albums of 2022, according to Gus. As the saying goes: « The song remains the same… » as it seems like we are trapped in a series of shit years and given how things are boiling everywhere, it does not look like it is ending soon. But there has been a lot [...]
Les 10 meilleurs albums de l'année Version Gus. And the song remains the same... 2021 was just a copy-paste of 2020 with a little more depression. But this time, it became impossible to delay new releases any longer. Which lead to way too much stuff coming out and made it even harder to listen to [...]
What really leads to the creation of a radio is the sweet taste of discovery. Those who listen to our shows know that I do spend a good amount of my days grumbling about the fact that despite the Internet, it is very difficult for bands to export their music in foreign countries. That‘s what [...]
The world of metal is truly fascinating. At the same time an extremely close minded microcosm when it comes to defending a band, a label or an album (one day the world will accept that “Reign In Blood” and “The Number Of The Beast” are overrated), it can also be surprisingly open-minded to include in [...]
“Hey, don’t you have a review to write ?”. That dreaded but dramatically true question that Shyanna welcomed my 35th link to an obscure Byelorussian new wave band. Yes, I do have a review to write. Except that I don’t want to discuss music. I don’t want to write because just like most people I [...]

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