CANDLEMASS – King Of The Grey Islands

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CANDLEMASS is a name that still resonates through the darkerst nights. One of the few bands who managed to channel the quintessence of Doom.

When Messiah Marcollin left the band, following another episode of his huge soap opera, the true bandleader, bassist Leif Edling, announced his replacement as none other than Robert Lowe from SOLITUDE AETERNUS. A singer with a drastically different style and a voice that is less versatile than the insane monk is. Yet, in just a few line, we perfectly understand the reasons behind this choice.

Few singers ever ripped my guts out that hard on the first listen. Even though their tones of voice are different, the sheer power reached by the American is such that you can only yield to such passion. “Devil Seed” sounds like it was made to announce the arrival of all hell’s fire on Earth and the chorus of “Of Stars And Smoke” will give me chills every single time. Since “Nightfall”, the dakest corners of human emotions have never sounded so beautiful.

It is an outlet for all the hatred and anger contained within one band and we go from the coldest of rage to the most lyrical despair in a few notes. And the heavy weary rhythm and riffs are really helping in that (if you smile during “Destroyer”, i will eat my socks) by forging a larger and bigger lead blanket until it covers the entire world.

And yet, the music on this album is (stay calm, doom fan) accessible. Nothing is discouraging here as the beauty created here is so majestic that you will want to dive in this doomed ocean. CANDLEMASS successfully manages to open up its music without changing it too harshly.

“Destroyer”, “Emperor Of The Void”… All the songs are a nihilistic call for desperation. Once again, Leif Eidling orchestrated everything masterfully, going so far as making all solos more depressive than the others Even the slightly faster moments are like frozen winds stinging your face.

It is the purest and more intense epic doom in a while and a true outlet for every type of sadness. It is a mix of molten metal and frozen stone. It is beautiful, desperate and highly intense.

Candlemass - King of the Grey Islands

Released 22/07/2007 via Nuclear Blast Records


01. Prologue
02. Emperor Of The Void
03. Devil Seed
04. Of Stars And Smoke
05. Demonia 6
06. Destroyer
07. Man Of Shadows
08. Clearsight
09. The Opal City
10. Embracing The Styx


Robert Lowe (Vocals)
Lars ‘Lasse’ Johansson (Guitars)
Mats ‘Mappe’ Björkman (Guitars)
Leif Edling (Bass)
Jan Lindh (Drums)

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