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Paris, Trabendo, February 27, 2024 First concert for the radio in what feels like an eternity, but given everything we missed in the past five years, it seemed like a good time to get back in the game. And what could be better than the European tour of NOTHING MORE, whose record “Spirits” is still [...]
Guitar legend Jeff Beck, guitar hero of all guitar heroes, died at the age of 78 years old on Tuesday January 10 2023. He leaves behind one of the most important and creative output in the history of rock and electric guitar. Geoffrey Arnold Beck was born in 1944 in the south of London. At [...]
Before the "London In Paris" event, which will take place on September 7th at L'Alimentation Générale, Real Rebel Radio, in partnership with Public Pressure, offers you to learn more about the bands coming straight from the other side of the channel to set the Parisian night ablaze. That's why we asked BOY FROM THE CROWD [...]
To mark the release of "In The Red", the four swedish rockers of CRUCIFIED BARBARA came to visit France, the perfect occasion for Rx3 to ask a few questions to a band loved by the french audience and who loves us back. An interview with Mia Coldheart, lead singer and guitarist of the band. Excerpts. [...]
As he stopped by to promote "Firesoul", we got a chance to talk with Andy B. Franck, lead singer of BRAINSTORM in Paris on February 25th. A long and intense interview. Get your headphones ready ! Excerpts, check the podcast for the full interview. I think the fans know what to expect from a BRAINSTORM [...]

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