SLAYER – Reign In Blood

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The trve cult record… Beyond that: the myth, the legend, the untouchable one. The holy of holies, the thing that no one dares even criticize in fear of being trampled to death by hordes of uncontrollable fans.

However, let us say it right away; “Reign In Blood” is annoying. Yes, annoying, and I do not care if Kerry King smashes my door just to bash my face in with a crowbar.

SLAYER means excess, you take everything and you put too much of it. The whole thing ends up being indigestible (even on such a short span, which they were right to keep short). Too much useless shredding, too much roughing getting in the way of some incredible technique. Despite all that, the two flag bearing songs of the album “Angel Of Death” and “Raining Blood” are true masterpieces which foreshadow what is to come.

Moreover, even if some say that if the introduction and conclusion are well done, you can put whatever between, it does not work in this case. Everything just goes without giving you a chance to actually remember any of it. A sonic slump just grates on your nerve and gives you a headache. So it is rather insignificant and unbearable.

However, paradoxically, this is a record you have to listen to, at least once in your life, just so you make your own opinion. For the very simple and good reason that it is “Reign In Blood”, it is a cult record and even though the next two records are better, it was the instigator for the entire extreme metal scene.

The music is not important because the impact it had, is immeasurable.

A conclusion that should allow me to live a bit longer (can someone tell Kerry to drop the crowbar?)

SLAYER - Reign In Blood

Released 07/10/1986 via Def Jam Records


01. Angel Of Death
02. Piece By Piece
03. Necrophobic
04. Altar Of Sacrifice
05. Jesus Saves
06. Criminaly Insane
07. Reborn
08. Epidemic
09. Postmorten
10. Raining Blood


Tom Araya (Vocals, Bass)
Jeff Hanneman (Guitars)
Kerry King (Guitars)
Dave Lombardo (Drums)

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