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Before the “London In Paris” event, which will take place on September 7th at L’Alimentation Générale, Real Rebel Radio, in partnership with Public Pressure, offers you to learn more about the bands coming straight from the other side of the channel to set the Parisian night ablaze.

That’s why we asked BOY FROM THE CROWD a few questions.


“Basically DIY […] is also a state of mind and a desire to be independent and not compromise the music, “

Real Rebel Radio : Hello and thank you for taking time to answer our questions! For our listeners who may not know you yet, can you tell us more about yourselves?

BOY FROM THE CROWD : We’re a 3 piece band from North East London. We started as a duo and have grown into a trio. I guess our style could be described as Heavy blues / garage blues / punk-ish.
We’ve recently been described as “Sounding like The Cramps & The Bad Seeds having a party in a car park” and this is not a bad way to present us.

Rx3 : Given how broad the term “underground” can be, where do you fit in that scene?

BFTC : Good question. Everything now is “underground” and brands are keen to tap into this and appropriate trends very quickly, so being underground and staying underground probably doesn’t mean much or make much sense. I think we are underground from the fact that we are sinply a small band, on a small indie label without much marketing power or external help. It is all very DIY and the bands we play with are mostly like that too.


“I think we are underground from the fact that we are simply a small band, on a small indie label without much marketing power or external help.”

Rx3 : To this day, the UK alternative scene has some of the most interesting bands out there. To you, what leads British musicians to keep experimenting with rock’n’roll?

BFTC : I think it sounds better and more glamourous maybe than what it actually is. There are tons of bands out there sounding the same, doing the same thing without much originality. What is true of the UK alternative scene though is that there are always a few different flavors of it and once in a while you get a few bands that really have a sound and differentiate themselves from the rest. That’s how bands like RADIOHEAD or MY BLOODY VALENTINE for example have shaken up entire music scenes, but nowadays it is maybe less common, I don’t know.

Rx3 : There has been a resurgence of the “DIY” spirit over the past ten years. What does that aspect of rock’n’roll mean to you?

BFTC : Basically DIY means you have no choice in the matter, you don’t have much support or much money and you just have to work hard to find ways. There is nothing very glamourous about it. Yes, it is also a state of mind and a desire to be independent and not compromise the music, that much is true.
However, I do not know a single band out there that would turn down the services of a great manager who could take them forward. There is plenty of hypocrisy about this kind of thing in the DIY community in my view.
In terms of labels, yes, it is true. Bands do think twice about joining a label, mainly because the deals are so shit and also because in the end, there is so much you can do yourself if you can allocate the time and find a marketing budget.
We’re on Public Pressure Records, and it’s a good place to be at our stage. We’re totally free. They help us however the can when we ask something, and the rest we do it ourselves. We don’t even have a record deal agreed. It is all done on a hand shake and the desire to grow together.

Rx3 : You are going to play in Paris on September 7th for the very first edition of “London In Paris”. What are you looking forward the most on that date?

BFTC : Kind of everything really. It will be fun to travel and hang out with the 2 other bands. I think all in all it’s 13 of us on the road. It should be a good time. Of course we’re looking forward to the gig massively and our first experience of French audience.

Rx3 : Thank you for those answers! Do you have a final statement for your French fans?

BFTC : Be there! We’re all planning a very special gig and I know the standard of the 3 bands on ofer is very high. Every band is bringing something unique to the table. It won’t be boring. We’re looking forward to meeting you guys on the 7th!

Crédits : The photos of this article come from the band’s twitter account or from the site underthespeaker.

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